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Cynthia Maller

Head of 3D Creative Technology at Walmart


Cynthia Maller is Head of 3D Creative Technology at Walmart. Her focus is building customer (internal and external) trust by strengthening and scaling the three pillars of 3D for retail: inspiring aesthetics, visual integrity and operational excellence. She believes that every one of us has the talent and capability to add value to immersive commerce, and to be a builder, a citizen and a purveyor in the coming Metaverse; this drives her commitment to peer education, advocacy and invention. She is also a Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, and speaks often about how to harness this tool to build relationships and exercise influence. 

Cynthia’s talk explores ancient forms of immersive storytelling and their relevance today. If the past is prologue, we’ll discuss what we, as creatives with insanely magical tech at our fingertips, can learn from the first storytellers in history. 

Cynthia's Videos

MetaTraversal: Alignments and Agreements

The fourth in a series of conversations to bring together the stakeholders of the Metaverse to accelerate cooperation on interoperability.

EQ for XR: Helping Your Retail Colleagues Adopt 3D

The creation of 3D content involves new work streams and new stakeholders, but the need for aesthetic sensibilities and consumer insights remains unchanged. The impact of curation and storytelling will never fall away. We need the talent we have today- most of whom have never leveraged 3D assets in their work.

The VR/VA Association Podcast

An honest and experienced story about the importance of solidifying the operational structure required for successful scaling of immersive technology within a large corporation.