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Creative Director / Graffiti Artist

Riot Games


The 123klan conference "Style is the Message" delves into the journey from graffiti to graphic design and vice versa, highlighting the vectorized style that has become ubiquitous across various mediums, from print to video games, and beyond. The conference emphasizes the importance of developing a unique style as the foundation for artistic expression and recognition, drawing inspiration from the rules of graffiti art where personal style takes precedence over legibility. In the creation of a graffiti piece, the goal is to recognize the artist's style rather than read the text, similar to how the kanji script is recognized in Japan.

Attendees can gain an understanding of the way used by 123klan to create their iconic vector designs, as well as the significance of maintaining a consistent identity across all platforms. To further illustrate these creative freedom, specific examples of 123klan's work will be showcased during the session. For instance, the world of video games provides a unique visual landscape where everything must be created from scratch, offering an infinite playground for designers. One particular video game example will be examined to demonstrate this.The conference underscores the importance of developing a unique style to stand out and make an impact in the world of graphic design and other forms of artistic expression. Once a vector-based style is established, it can be applied to various digital and analogue supports, allowing for versatility and adaptability. Ultimately, the conference seeks to inspire attendees to develop their own unique style and apply it to their work, thereby carving out a distinct identity and leaving a lasting impression on any medium.